EB-5 American Visa



The visa EB-5 investor allows a foreign businessman who makes an investment in a US company get your green card to become a permanent resident in the United States. The visa is granted when you make an investment from US $ 500,000 (five hundred thousand US dollars) through a project of a regional center. Regional center it is an economic group (government or private) established by the US Congress for the creation of jobs. It is an investment approved by the Immigration using foreign resources for economic growth. Regional centers are the best option for candidates for the EB-5 do not intend to directly manage an investment.

The investor, spouse and unmarried children under 21 years initially receive conditional residence for 2 years and can then live, study and work legally in the United States. After the period of two years it is necessary to make the application for the removal of conditional residency to become a permanent resident.

Investment funds may come from own source or may be provided by a donation or gift.


The applicant should follow four steps to obtain permanent US residency through the EB-5 Program:


Choosing a Regional Center

  • Choose only regional centers with proven track Immigration;
  • Choose only Regional Centers who returned the money invested;
  • Deal only with experts throughout the process;
  • Ask qualified professionals to verify the claims of the Regional Centers and, if possible, visit the Regional Centre of the chosen project.

The choice of a project through a regional center requires an investment of US $ 500,000 (five hundred thousand dollars).


Investment and Petition I-526

The second stage of the EB-5 visa process is for the applicant to present the amount of investment required in the project you have chosen. The I-526 petition shows that the visa applicant is in the investment process, or has already been invested the required amount of capital in an EB-5 project suitable.

Investments are often made through an escrow account (escrow account). Then the immigration lawyer provides proof that investment by filling a petition I-526 with the US Immigration (USCIS). One of the main purposes of the petition I-526 is to prove that the investment of capital by the applicant comes from a legitimate source of funds. Therefore, the EB-5 applicant must provide traceable evidence to prove that the funds were obtained legally.


2 years of conditional permanent residence

The third stage of the EB-5 application process is for the applicant to become a US conditional resident for 2 years. EB-5 investors are eligible to become US residents since their petition I-526 was approved by the USCIS. The residence can be achieved in two ways:

  • If the EB-5 investor is with a legal status in the US, it must submit the I-485 form to adjust their status to conditional permanent resident.
  • If the investor is not in the United States, the process will be directed to the National Center for Visas (National Visa Center) and will be further processed through the country Consulate.


Unconditional permanent residence and the petition I-829

The last step is for the candidates to become permanent residents and removing your conditional status two years. The I-829 petition may be submitted to Immigration (USCIS) 90 days before the date of expiration of the conditional residence. This application shows that the investor has fulfilled all visa program requirements EB-5. The investor, his spouse and unmarried children under 21 can live, study and work permanently in the United States and has the option to become US citizens after a period of 5 years from the date you received your residence conditional.


I-526 = 12 months;
Consulate = 3 months;
I-829 = 8 months;
Return Investment = 4 to 7 years.

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