A law office specialized in immigration founded in 2001 by Shayne Epstein dedicated to helping the brazilian community. Dr. Epstein is formed as BA from the University of Hartford and a law graduate with a PhD from Nova Southeastern University. A proud member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, Dr. Epstein was successful with thousands of green cards to its customers.

With three lawyers and a team of eleven Brazilian, the company has become a trusted resource for Brazilians who have moved to the US. The philosophy of the company is only accepting a case she knows it will be approved and offer a customer guarantee.


L-1 visa for those customers who want permanent residence and decided to open a branch or subsidiary in the US;

Visa E-2 for those customers who have European citizenship from countries which have dealt with shipping and trade with the United States (Italian, Spanish or German, etc.) and want to start a business in the US;

EB-5 for those customers who want the US permanent residence, but do not want to start a business.